Thursday 3 February 2011

Things to do on stormy nights

When it is windy like tonight I like to play games indoors like this one:


  • Stand all  9 numbers up
  • Roll the dice 
  • Match the numbers and shut the box
  • If you can't close any it's the end of your turn
  • How much numbers are left is your score
  • Person with lowest score wins


  1. Happy 1st Post Becky - great idea and good photo
    Hope to see some more from you soon

  2. thank you! Becky is my mummy I'm not allowed to say my own name on here ;-)

  3. This is a very good idea! I am coming up to Cumbria in a couple of weeks time and if it rains I will know what to do in the evenings! Hope you have some more ideas like this up your sleeve!From Suzie @keastsbabe on twitter.

  4. thank you for saying nice things about my blog x


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