Friday 18 February 2011


This one of my favourite TV programmes. Because I like dinosaurs and its got lots of dinosaurs in it.


Connor Temple - the geeky guy
Abby Maitland - the animal keeper
Danny Quinn - the leader
Captain Becker - I like Becker he's lovely and he bosses everyone around
Sarah Page - does the artefact things
James Lester - is mad
Nick Cutter - the first leader who was shot by his mad scientist wife
Steven - the brave one that gave his life just for his friends
Helen Cutter - the mad scientist who shot Nick
Claudia Brown - loved Nick but disappeared from history
Jenny Lewis - looks like Claudia Brown but isn't
Christine - loved Connor and put Rex in the fridge
Rex - a funny, small green dinosaur

My favourite episodes:

Terror Birds
Megopteran / Future Predators

I don't like:

The house
The worms
The fungus

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