Monday 28 February 2011


This is me eating my favourite supper of honey on toast. Mummy makes the toast and I spread the honey. Toast is the best thing and I wish all that could eat was honey on toast!

Sunday 27 February 2011

Puppy in my pocket

This is my puppy in my pocket’s hospital. I collect puppy in my pocket and now I have got 57 animals. Can you see the nappies on some of the babies, they have got nappies on so that if we forget if they’re a boy or girl, we put the nappies in cold water they turn pink if a girl and blue if a boy.

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Monday 21 February 2011


This is my new cushion I got from a shop which says Her Ladyship on it. My daddy gave me some money for Christmas to buy it.

Saturday 19 February 2011


Playmobil is a fun toy that comes in boxes and you can get vehicles, animals, people, furniture and toys. My favourite bits of my Playmobil are the Dolphinarium, the Penguinarium, my farmyard vets sets and my huge medieval castle.

Tonight I wrote 300 Blips out of Playmobil for my mummy's 300th blipfoto I used animals and people:

Friday 18 February 2011


This one of my favourite TV programmes. Because I like dinosaurs and its got lots of dinosaurs in it.


Connor Temple - the geeky guy
Abby Maitland - the animal keeper
Danny Quinn - the leader
Captain Becker - I like Becker he's lovely and he bosses everyone around
Sarah Page - does the artefact things
James Lester - is mad
Nick Cutter - the first leader who was shot by his mad scientist wife
Steven - the brave one that gave his life just for his friends
Helen Cutter - the mad scientist who shot Nick
Claudia Brown - loved Nick but disappeared from history
Jenny Lewis - looks like Claudia Brown but isn't
Christine - loved Connor and put Rex in the fridge
Rex - a funny, small green dinosaur

My favourite episodes:

Terror Birds
Megopteran / Future Predators

I don't like:

The house
The worms
The fungus

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Bravery Award

I got this sticker that says No 1 for bravery because I had a blood test today and I didn't cry at all. And the nurse was pleased with me cause I'm "braver than adults"!

Monday 14 February 2011

RIP Nibbles

I found my hamster dead tonight. We are having her funeral tomorrow. The photo is her coffin.

Friday 11 February 2011

My Special Eye

Stop leaving dog poo in the street as children can get a poorly eye like mine.

Message from my mummy:

This beautiful eye hides a secret scar. Most likely because of someone leaving dog poo lying around my daughter was infected with toxocariasis ( Her vision in her right eye is permanently damaged. Hopefully the parasite will stay dormant for the rest of her life and no more damage will be done. The condition only effects 10 children a year but if one of those is yours it doesn't seem like a small problem. So please do your best to clean up after your dog to reduce the numbers of children effected.

Monday 7 February 2011

Things to do inside

I like watching films, playing games, reading & writing. 

My favourite films/DVDs are:

  • Primeval
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Harry Potter
  • Doctor Who
  • Barbie movies
  • Snow White and Disney Princess films
My favourite books are:
  • Animal Ark
  • Secret Mermaid
  • Grubtown
  • Inside the Body Flap book

Saturday 5 February 2011


I love being with my family:

my cousin and me having coffee cake and a drink

Friday 4 February 2011

Borrow more books

Borrow more books
Originally uploaded by Phil Bradley
Books are fun because they interesting as they tell you so much about different things like science and history. I love my library.


I like baking with my mum and brother. Tonight I made a Victoria sponge and some butterfly cakes.

My Victoria sponge cake

Thursday 3 February 2011

Things to do on stormy nights

When it is windy like tonight I like to play games indoors like this one:


  • Stand all  9 numbers up
  • Roll the dice 
  • Match the numbers and shut the box
  • If you can't close any it's the end of your turn
  • How much numbers are left is your score
  • Person with lowest score wins