Monday 31 December 2012

Childhood Dream

 A childhood dream

                                                            Caitlin Woodcock

                                                   chapter one
                                             The dream of a word


I'm only 9! I need help someone help me quickly, before it well happens. I'm scared it will happen I will die just like in my dream. It will happen on the 4th of January, I Elisabeth Willoughby will disappear and it's all my fault for being scared of dad, and being stupid about it. I run from the word and hurt the people's feelings all because I don't think one moment that they care for me, but they do.  THEN they don't because they don't know what I've been through and I can't control myself. I don't have friends because I have no heart to them. I don't make friends easily I make bullies. RIGHT YOUR SAY! I KNOW U WANT TO SAY!You want to say something for when I come back tomorrow. It will upset me more. Am I correct? Why did I bother? I'm going to disintegrate in less than a week. Because of nightmares here's a theory- I don't sleep then I will not die or maybe I just go to a parallel dimension, but I love you so to be dead would work.

My heart is skipping faster then ever, it is new year's eve, 4 days. That's it, 4 days till aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHH!

CURSE YOU I don't understand. Where am I? What is the date? Hah mum where are you? Hay Rosa what's the date? Mum is tomorrow my birthday? Yes why don't you check on the calender cheeky. Ok mum or should I say mam. Good idea Mrs Bradermint. The 4th of January! No! I don't die, at least, I go to a parallel dimension but mother will be so worried..............................................

I need you help me.
The 7th time in my life I said it.And I don't know what else to say.I've never said it before, never, not even when I nearly drowned in a pond.

I don't know where any clothes are, I'm freezing. Onesies aren't that warm, nor slippers, dressing gowns or bed socks.

What's the point, it's not like I'm going to die?Why didn't I listen. Mother said "Do not believe in dreams they are nonsense dear."

                                                               chapter two
                                                          what to do now

I waited for hours it seemed not knowing when the rain would stop. Mother I'm so sorry, and I was very sorry indeed,very ,very sorry. It was a long night, with the raging  torrents of the rain and the howling wind. I could not sleep nor sit, I stood there gazing at hope of warmth and comfort on the street.
                                               18 years later...

"Nick help me clean the table". A dream! Twenty seven and I was still dreaming, of a happy life in a house with children and a husband.  Nick was a kind loving boy then that saved me from the storm. He took me to a shelter in a village called Greyhaved. After a drink and some rest he took me to an old chapel were they greeted me into the shelter as a friend. For once, in a short time, I felt happy and safe in that chapel. People from the village brought food in my honour, I felt loved and saw they did too.
                                                                 chapter three
                                                                   true love

                                                           7 months later...
Seven months later was when, I started noticing Nick more and more. He started sleeping next to me and sitting near me closer and closer. I realized my fate, he loved me  as much as I loved him.  But nobody noticed it.

 It wasn't until a year later until they did when I was 11. He asked me to the park in the village. Nick went to pack some food for a picnic and a blanket to sit on. But when he came I had disappeared, into thin air. But I hadn't! I had just gone to get a basket for the food. He did not know and ran off to find me. I came back and  I ran off to find him.

                                                              chapter four
                                                              quest of love
I am twenty seven,  no doubt about that, and still missing in another parallel dimension. I miss Greyhaved dearly, and it breaks my heart to think of Nick. Every  night I have nightmares about him, horrible things happen to him too. I hate to think of how he feels. (SNAP SNAP SNAP). Someone is coming -hide- now go!

"Elisabeth is that you?"" Nick are you there is it really you?"" Yes I'm here. I came to this dimension as soon as you disapeared..."" I didn't disapear Nick, I went to get a basket ."" But I thought you would be there, I searched every corner for you." He could see I was very angry but I kissed him. Where is he?  Is dead! No! Has he gone again, he can't of. I never knew where he went. Months past still no sign of him, no sign of life in the I slept and lived. " I must find him immediately." I thought now , my quest

                                                     chapter five
                                                     a long lost fate
It seemed I would never find him. BANG! What was that twelve green lights shone on me. "Help me and I will give you any thing. So will you help me?"" Help who?" "Zaqelbanfithenicen the titch. I have destroyed planets all around the world, but now just want peace and friends."" How can I help you? Plus can I call you Zack?"" Could you take this gigantic plank of carback linen off me please, it is really heavy. Come on over there's no worries in my ship." He sobbed loudly "Ok."

"Thank you very much uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur..."" O Elisabeth."" Ellie can I call you Elisanbetfeck ?"" Yes."" What do you want as a gift for saving my life?"" Um something to travel through dimensions.""Ok you need a Portable portal passer. Or for short a triple p."

"I'm off, I need to find my father Nicolercardenfintermicketyrackerdy. But I need that ppp to find him." "You can have it."" No I  can't Elisanbetfeck you need it.""But not now, we could find your father Nick or some relations."" He is called Nicolercardenfintermicketyrackerdy.""Yes but can I call him Nick, even though it makes me cry.""Yes."

                                                            chapter six
                                                       a great finding out
"We need to find something with his or any one called  Nicks DNA. But where is there any?"

Sunday 9 December 2012


Silent Sunday

Sunday 5 August 2012

My Olympix

On Friday we went to the Olympics and watched athletics it was AWESOME!

This is are view of the Olympic stadium from are seats we were seating right at the top.

 It was really loud when someone crossed the line especially when it was team GB.

Monday 23 July 2012

Tailley the tiger

This my tiger her name is Tailley. I was given her for my first birthday by my brothers and sister. She is my favourite cuddly toy. I love real tigers as well.