Sunday, 6 March 2011

Special Person award

I got my class Special Award last month, everyone wrote nice things about me and drew pictures:

[spellings are as on the original!]
  • She is vere funny
  • She is a gud fred to beey in class
  • She's funny
  • She is a good frend
  • She is funy
  • She is kind
  • enthusiastic at school, She loves to play with others and join in games. She is a caring girl
  • is funny and geners
  • she sheres
  • She is funny and infusastik
  • is a tom boy
  • she is cind
  • She's funeyy
  • is gud
  • she shes
  • cears for pepal
  • she is funny
  • she is good at mafs
  • is orwase ready to learn
  • she is nice
  • she is jenush
  • she's funnee
  • She is cind
  • She is good at joks
  • is very keen to learn. She enjoys playing with her friends

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  1. What lovely things to say. Well, they must all be true (so many people think so) and it's nice to know you have the support of your friends. Well done for the award and looking forward to some more of your fabulous posts xXx


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